10 Tips to Cut Your Trade Show Costs

10 Tips on Cutting Trade Show Costs

10 Tips on Cutting Trade Show Costs

If you are an experienced trade show exhibitor, you definitely are looking to get more bang for your trade show buck. Here are 10 tried and true cost-cutting practical ways to stretch your exhibitor budget.


1. Set a budget, and stick to it. It’s very easy to spend more on products and services that are unplanned for, so stick to your budget.

2. Find vendors to share costs by donating equipment. An example would be a computer vendor may donate a computer for you to use in the exhibit booth. In exchange, they may want promotional opportunities at the show. Think “barter is smarter,” especially when it comes to services of products you need and want, but might not be able to afford.

3. To save on shipping charges and costs for material, use materials that are lightweight wherever possible, such as using aluminum versus laminate or wood.

4. Push back due dates a month, so that you always meet deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute especially if you know that you are responsible for getting something done in time for the trade show. Remember to plan ahead on necessary items for the trade show – don’t wait until the very last minute.

5. Seek out “going out of business” sales, of thrift shops such as The Salvation Army or Goodwill Shop, for items to use at the trade show booth. These could be items such as storage units, furnishings, etc. Why pay full price for smaller items that you might be able to take advantage of that have been gently used?


6. Investigate “hidden” cities for airline travel. For instance, travel to Dayton instead of Cincinatti. When traveling to Denver, it’s usually much cheaper to fly to Colorado Springs and then hire a car for the 60 mile trip into town. A cost-casing tip on airline travel is to use Midway airport in Chicago, instead of O’Hare. Think of cities that might take a little extra travel time, but will save you in the long run.

7. Review your staff’s expense reports so that only true reimbursable charges are included. If you stay on the lookout for expenses that might not truly be reimbursable, you can save hidden costs in the long run.

8. Use the airport shuttles instead of taxis. You can substantially save money, because the shuttles are just as convenient, and the shuttles are usually located in the same area as the cabs.

At the Show

9. Take photos of the exact set-up of your trade show exhibit as one show and use these photos at future sh

Cut Trade Show Costs

How to Cut Trade Show Costs - 10 Tips

ows for reference. In this way, you can be sure that the set up crew can view it with easy reference.

10. Develop a good relationship with the set up crew.If the set up labor does a really good job, request the same workers do the breakdown. ExhibitCraft can provide the labor for installation and breakdown for your event, with white glove service. Having the same crew do the same work for you can reduce the time necessary and avoid damage since they are already familiar with your booth.



About ExhibitCraft

ExhibitCraft is an award-winning trade show exhibit design, fabrication and management agency, offering customized trade show exhibit displays built in-house at its Wayne, NJ headquarters. ExhibitCraft also customizes a large selection of modular exhibit display systems, such as tabletop displays, portable trade show exhibits, pop up displays, banner stands, fabric displays, panel systems, truss systems and more.
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