3 Tips on How to Use Internet Research for Your Trade Show Audience

Trade Show Internet ResearchIt’s no mystery that lead generation is the key to success at trade shows.  Trade show marketers have many internet tools at their fingertips.  Marketers can learn as much as they can about the event and who will be attending. We spend so much time to make sure that the maximum amount of leads is generated at each event to make our trade show efforts worthwhile.  But one of the latest trends for trade show marketers is to actually learn as much as they can about trade show attendees to build solid long-lasting relationships.   Here are three tips for you to dig into those internet tools to get to know your trade show audience and get your 2012 trade show marketing in gear.

1. Review the Trade Show Exhibitor List.  Exhibitor Lists are made available by the trade show organizers in pdf format on their websites.  Sometimes these can be downloaded, or screen captured and printed for more research about the exhibitors who will be at the trade show event.  Studying who will be at the trade show event and knowing what other exhibitors will be having a trade show booth will help you to know what the trade show audience can expect.

2. Study the Trade Show Floor Plan. By looking over the trade show floor plan you can see where your booth is located and a floor plan is also easily assessable for download, as well.  Take some time to not only see what companies your trade show booth is next to, close to, where a booth might be located that might be in a strategic area that would be good to connect with.  By investing some time before your trade show event, you can go to the trade show prepared to be able to make the right connections.

3. LinkedIn Events. LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, and is the perfect place to start the pre-show conversation with connections that are announcing that they are attending a trade show event.  Just go to the “More” tab and click on events and search for the trade show event.  Here is an event we will be attending in March of this year.  The screenshot below is of the Exhibitor2012 event posted on LinkedIn.  Search for the event and see who might be attending.  It’s a great conversation point if one of your 2nd or 3rd level connections are attending.

Exhibitor2012 Trade Show Event on LinkedIn

Exhibitor2012 Trade Show Event on LinkedIn


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