The Results are In! ExhibitCraft ProFest 2012 Survey Report

A recent survey was conducted to acquire feedback and sentiment from ProFest 2012 tradeshow attendees.   The results of this study can be found in this pdf (note: Only the multiple choice responses and percentages were included in this download.  To protect the privacy of the survey respondents, open-ended responses are not featured in this report.  This report serves to analyze and report on feedback for future tradeshow event planning.

Executive Summary:
An executive decision was made to host a trade show in Wayne, NJ, and invite local business professionals. After the recent launch of the ExhibitCraft ProShop, the promotional products trade show event would be held at ExhibitCraft headquarters to educate people on the value of adding promotional products to the marketing mix, and to host a tradeshow featuring various promotional products. Trade show displays were set up in the show room, where the trade show took place, but the primary focus of the event was on the various promotional product options available and latest trends, with 15 different vendors with unique product lines. Keynote speaker, Joel Schaeffer, presented in the new workshop room adjacent to the trade show with, “Harness the Power of Promotional Products” (available on YouTube and SlideShare).

The study was conducted to gain feedback about the trade show, which was the first of its kind hosted by ExhibitCraft. ExhibitCraft has hosted trade show events previously, but never an event of this kind, featuring promotional products as the main topic. ExhibitCraft wanted to understand attendee feedback so they could continue to improve upon and offer future events at their headquarters.

An e-mail was sent with a link to an online survey to a total of 62 pregistered attendees. The 15-question survey was designed with a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questions, leaving room for comments.

Questions about satisfaction levels were asked about the trade show portion, seminar portion, facilities, and questions about a future topic, with comments allowed for suggestions.

A brief 15 question survey was designed and e-mailed to attendees of ProFest 2012 two days after the event. Initial results were tabulated, but a larger sample size was desired. A second e-mail reminder was sent to the attendees who did not complete a survey during the initial phase, and nine more surveys were included in the analysis.

To encourage participation in the survey and to show appreciation for taking the time to complete, a coupon incentive was offered in the e-mail to attendees. A coupon was then e-mailed to respondents who completed the survey for $100 off an ExhibitCraft ProShop purchase, with an expiration of 6/30/12.


There were a total of 29 respondents on the first survey sent to 67 attendees. This is 43% of the sample size, a large enough sample size for this small group to be considered a good representative of the larger group.

Among some of the findings were

79.3% had an interest in promotional products, with 62% knowing the company and/or its staff.

34.4% found out about the event through an e-mail sent by ExhibitCraft. Learning about the event from a friend/colleague and my ExhibitCraft sales Consultant came in at 27.5%.
100% of the survey respondents felt that the exhibits and products were the most important factor when considering to attend an event.

The next two most important items to consider was ease of transportation (97%) followed by the topic and theme (83%).

95% said that they are likely to attend another tradeshow by ExhibitCraft.

60% of respondents felt that the profile of other attendees was unimportant or they felt neutral about it.

Satisfaction with the seminar was between satisfied (45%) and neutral (55%), but no one expressed dissatisfaction with the seminar.

Even if they did not attend the seminar, 79.2% said they are somewhat or very likely to attend another ExhibitCraft seminar.

96.5% would recommend the event to a friend or colleague.


The statistics show an overall positive sentiment was expressed by respondents of the survey about their participation at ProFest 2012. Comments left by respondents revealed a deeper perspective at how the tradeshow could be improved.

People seemed to like the idea of a seminar, but comments about the speaker being rushed with not enough time to cover the slides. A positive sentiment about the topic was expressed, but respondents expressed that they were late to arrive and were not let in the room as it was full, and that the speaker appeared rushed.

Areas with room for improvement include a longer presentation time, with slides shortened and adjusted for time. With enough interest in the seminar topic, a longer presentation time could be discussed.

Overall, there was positive sentiment about the trade show portion of ProFest 2012. There were multiple comments about there being more trade show displays in the future, and this will definitely be taken into consideration when planning for future events.

Future Events
Future event suggestions included:
a) a seminar or lunch and learn on how to leverage trade show participation into sales leads and relationship
b) seeing how trade show displays are made/put together
c) an event with additional companies that service the trade show industry like business coaches, marketers and printers
d) video marketing
e) LinkedIn and small business owner session
f) And an event that would show more ExhibitCraft trade show display products.

Questionnaire Design
A note was made for future surveys to design a skip over the question about satisfaction with the seminar as many did not attend the seminar that completed this survey. A survey form for the 24 people who fit in the room could be left on the chairs to get a relevant and immediate sample completion.

A good mix of open ended and multiple choice questions allowed for deeper analysis of the data, which will greatly improve future tradeshow event and seminar/workshop planning at ExhibitCraft.

ExhibitCraft now has goal of having a larger trade show once every quarter, with a monthly workshop/seminar in the new workshop room. This direction is largely due to the overall positive response of attending both the trade show and seminar portion of ProFest 2012, with the guidance and direction of the helpful suggestions offered by attendees who completed the survey.

If you have any comments or suggestions for tradeshow events and seminars/workshops ExhibitCraft could host, feel free to e-mail


About ExhibitCraft

ExhibitCraft is an award-winning trade show exhibit design, fabrication and management agency, offering customized trade show exhibit displays built in-house at its Wayne, NJ headquarters. ExhibitCraft also customizes a large selection of modular exhibit display systems, such as tabletop displays, portable trade show exhibits, pop up displays, banner stands, fabric displays, panel systems, truss systems and more.
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