A Great QR Code Generator – Not just for Websites!

QR code generator iGoogle 2 - ExhibitCraft of New Jersey

Whenever someone asks me for help with a QR code, they can’t remember what the term is. I’ve heard “chip,””cookie”, “QT square,” and “thingamahoo” come to mind. It doesn’t really matter what you call it.  The fact that you are hip to the technology is what I care about. Hurray for smartphones and your high-tech curiosity!

The acronym QR comes from Quick Response code. Now, I will say that I’ve been in situations where a QR code has been coated with a shiny surface and the scanning doesn’t come so easy. Or in a subway where there is no connectivity, so you could never scan a quick response code to get to a website under ground without a connection (I wonder who was in charge of that ad buy!). But try to remember that a quick response code is meant to get a quick response by just scanning the code with a code reader app (such as Neoreader).

QR codes are hotter than ever. Over the past year, we’ve shared information on how to create your own QR codes (using a popular free service, bit.ly) and also how to use QR codes at your trade show.

We have integrated them into our clients’ trade show booths, and have also shown them how they can create their own QR codes, and track their success across multiple marketing channels.

As technologies keep changing and platforms keep merging, we found another powerful tool that you can use, and have always on your desktop (with iGoogle). You can also include information other than just a website in the QR code, and since ExhibitCraft thought this was a neat idea that you might take a liking to, so I did some research on what the latest technologies are out there.

QR code generator iGoogle - ExhibitCraft of New JerseyQR Code Generator is a tool offered by Google.  Simply search for it on none other than google, and you will be directed to a page where you can add it to your iGoogle homepage.

In this way, you can keep the QR code generator at the ready on your desktop, and you can use it to create a variety of QR codes, with varying information other than just websites.

Here is a QR code generated using a website.  Can you guess which one?

QR Code Generator - Google - ExhibitCraft of New Jersey

QR Codes can be used to store all types of data, and the action businesses primarily want you to take is to go to a website and take an action, whether it is to seek more information, make a purchase, sign up for an e-mail list, enter a contest and whatever else your creativity can conjure up to keep people engaged and interested.

You can create a QR code that when scanned, generates a phone number:

QR Code Generator - Phone Number - ExhibitCraft of New Jersey

And here is what the result looks like on an iPhone.  As you can see, the phone number is able to be added to contacts, you can dial or send a text message.

QR Code Generator - Phone Number - ExhibitCraft of New Jersey

Maybe you might have a need to send a message to someone’s phone, without the cost of a text message attached for someone without a data plan.  It’s a very unique concept, and just another tool to add to the bag.  Here’s a simple text phrase that was entered, and what it looks like on an iPhone:

QR Code Generator iPhone | ExhibitCraft of New Jersey

If you’d like more information on QR codes, be sure to check out helpful resources such as Wikipedia and the Mobile Codes Consortium, MC2 consortium.

And if you’re ever in need of incorporating QR codes into your trade show marketing campaigns, we’re always here to help. Leave your comment here, or join us on facebook and leave us a wall post.  Happy Scanning!

This post was created by

Vickie Siculiano
Marketing Manager, ExhibitCraft

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