5 Tips on Getting Value from Your Next Trade Show Display Purchase

Squeezing-Value-From-Your-Tradeshow-DollarSo you’re in need of a new trade show display, or maybe you want to freshen up your graphics or rejuvenate an existing trade show display.  You’re going to shop around, and probably your decision will be mainly focused on price, right?  You’re ready to invest in a trade show display, but is value the same as the up-front cost to you out of pocket?

When you’re shopping around, the best price should not be the sole determining factor for choosing your trade show display company.  Don’t just consider what trade show display company has the best price.  Your up-front cost might cost you a lot more over the long haul.  Value should come first.  We’re here to help you squeeze every last drop of value from your trade show dollar.  Here are five simple tips to help guide you:

1.  What is the investment going to cost me over the long haul?
You’re not going to have to just spend money on your initial trade show display purchase, but other costs are involved in ownership of your initial investment.

How will you ship the exhibit?  Do you have a show services plan in place, which includes I&D?  There’s also storage and how about refurbishment when the time comes?   Will your exhibit last for 3-5 years and do you anticipate there needing a refurbishment at some point?

The company you ultimately choose should also have options on trade show display rentals to help you get more bang for your buck to stretch your budget.  Did you know that a custom exhibit might be available that was created for another company, easily rebranded and available with your own graphics and brand messaging?

2.  Do I need a high quality exhibit that will last or is this display more of a one-time use?
 If you invest in a trade show display that is high-quality with a better custom fit for your needs, the display will not only look great at the first show you exhibit at, but it will last for a longer time and have more of a return for you with better manufacturing and engineering built in.  Watch out for online exhibit display companies that will create a quick disposable display for you that will last for only a show or two.  If you do, you will have to reinvest in a new display before long.

Don’t just sink money into something that looks good up front, but it really a clunker over the long haul.  You will save more money in the end.

3.  Do you need the display for more than one show?
If your needs require more flexibility, then you might just need an exhibit house who can work with you to create your own exhibit solution.

Don’t think that you should be limited to the booth size that you see in a rendering.  Your exhibit house should allow you to move beyond what you see for you to be able to reconfigure the design into booths of different sizes.  Most recent examples of some of the displays we have produced with this capability are:

1. Taj Hotels – a very elegant custom exhibit with a seating area and storage that is able to be reconfigured from a 10’x20′ down to a 10’x10′ booth.  Click here for case study.

Taj Hotels 10'x20' Custom Trade Show Display

Taj Hotels 10’x20′ Custom Trade Show Display

Taj Hotels Custom Trade Show Exhibit - 10'x10' Configuration

Taj Hotels Custom Trade Show Exhibit – 10’x10′ Configuration

2. PBHS – a very open and spacious custom modular display able to be reconfigured into 5 different booth sizes.  The exhibit easily breaks down and is set up as not only a 20’x40’ booth, but 20’x20’, 10’x30’, 10’x20’ and even down to a 10’x10’ booth space for a smaller trade show.  Click here for case study.

PBHS Custom Modular DIsplay - 20'x40' ConfigurationPBHS Custom Modular Display - 20'x40' Configuration

PBHS Custom Modular Trade Show Exhibit – 20’x40′ Configuration

PBHS Tradeshow Exhibit - 10'x30' Configuration

PBHS Custom Modular Tradeshow Exhibit – 10’x30′ Configuration

4.  Will my audience change, requiring different messaging?
If you ever need to change your graphics with different messaging that fits a particular target audience, make sure that your display has the flexibility built into it to do just that.   Your booth design and graphic production should be flexible enough for you to change your graphics with a quick turnaround time.

We have the ability to produce our own graphics in-house, allowing us to have printed graphics on displays in just a couple of days’ notice.  This might be a necessary trade show need for you if you have a quick change in messaging.  Let’s say you have a microsegmented audiences with a need for different messages that may be more relevant to each.  If you make an investment in your trade show display, why not have a living and breathing structure that can move with you no matter what your show need?

And there’s more to just the actual trade show display …

5.  Does my trade show exhibit house provide full service?
Personal attention goes a long way when you might not know where you should begin.   Your trade show display company should be able to offer you more than just the actual trade show exhibit, but they should be able to offer you guidance with expert trade show marketing advice and/or trade show technology knowledge and assistance.  A trade show exhibit house that freely shares their knowledge with you about what works and what doesn’t is an added value that goes beyond just an actual exhibit.

Trade Show Marketing
We are very active in social media and understand its true value in building relationships, so we share freely not only with our clients, but in social media to help others build relationships.  After all, isn’t that what the trade show industry does best?

We have also helped clients generate QR codes, and show them how to track the analytics of just who is clicking through after scanning a code.  We then produced the laminated QR code with a velcro attachment that was flexible enough to be changed for every show.  What if you have a need to have a different action you want taken on a QR code on for each show?  We are more than happy to help pass along the knowledge that will help make you a savvy trade show marketer.

Here are two blog posts on QR codes we’ve shared most recently:
10 Tips on Using QR Codes at Your Next Trade Show
A Great QR Code Generator – Not Just For Websites!

Trade Show Technology
Why not choose an exhibit house that has some technology know-how to share with you as well that will really add value to your experience.  A good example of this is when we recently helped a client who purchased a very popular iPad kiosk for their custom trade show booth.  They needed help getting the wireless printing set up with their iPad app for the trade show so that their booth visitors could print from the booth.  This was a very important touchpoint for the client, so we had the client bring the iPad and printer to our offices (we already have iPad kiosks on display in our showroom).  We set up the wireless printing for the client and made sure that the iPads were fully functional within their iPad kiosks.  We happen to be passionate about trade show technology, and we were very happy to help ensure the client’s trade show experience was a success, beyond just their custom trade show exhibit.  A little guidance will go a long way, and if you think of value rather than price, it will be like making an investment in you, as well.  And you can take that with you wherever you may go.

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an emergency number if you have any issues.  And if you are on the West Coast (we are on the East), our shipping and I&D partners on the job!

Save yourself time and build value into your trade show experience to plan for your success that will last for years to come, but will grow with you and save you money over the long term.  Your trade show display investment will go a long way if you plan for value, rather than the initial price investment.  After all, how much is your investment and time worth?


About ExhibitCraft

ExhibitCraft is an award-winning trade show exhibit design, fabrication and management agency, offering customized trade show exhibit displays built in-house at its Wayne, NJ headquarters. ExhibitCraft also customizes a large selection of modular exhibit display systems, such as tabletop displays, portable trade show exhibits, pop up displays, banner stands, fabric displays, panel systems, truss systems and more.
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