10 Event Trends for 2013

10 Event Trends for 2013 from Julius Solaris

Methodology to identify the trends for 2013.

Review of 300 startups create this list, summing up the most significant innovations that makes sense for event planners to inevitably make waves in 2013.  The list acknowledges strong websites with attractive design and utility and those involved in the field talking to event professionals.  A focus was placed on really new and unexpected technologies – an early adopter pleaser.

10.   Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is a great way to minimize the risk of venturing in an unknown market.  For those who plan events with friends and friends of friends, it just makes sense..  Crowdfunding is seen as a viable option for medium sized events.  When sponsorship is hard to come by, traditional ticketing may not make sense.

9. Cities as Playgrounds
Using our mobile devices to experience team building or incentives in a completely different way is highly innovative.  What about a mobile interface to create a platform for live adventures in the city?  Event planners could have a lot of fun with this new trend.

8. Crowdsourced Speakers
Some events (i.e. SXSW) have been choosing some of their speakers using crowdsourcing for quite a while now.  This could be the year to use social networks for help in this area, and get our attendees to vote for the speakers they would like to see.  We are thinking of trying this one out for our own events this year at ExhibitCraft.

A service that gives the power to the audience to control how long the speaker talks is also included in this list.  The audience will have more control in the future we feel.  It just makes sense.

7. Smart Dashboards
Event professionals will expect more and more from their dashboard.  Features like ticketing, social media, and marketing/promotion will not be enough anymore in 2013.  The offerings we will need to provide more and more, fittingly called Event Enterprise Solutions (EES).  An event management smart dashboard will offer multiple features such as ticketing, promotion both online and offline, project management tools, a mobile app and a website to make it all virtually seamless.

Online event management platforms such as Cvent have been successful in the past because of the elimination of multiple service fragmentation.  Mid-sized event professionals can now also benefit from more wholistic products at an affordable price.

6. Eliminating the Middleman
A new trend defined as Collaborative Consumption is a concept that is quickly making waves across industries (i.e. Airbnb).   Imagine this: Peer to peer marketplaces of services and goods popping up and leveling the playing field with the encouragement of horizontal selling of goods and services.  The featured platforms in this report featured are venue finding and car sharing.  You should definitely look into them more as both as planners and attendees.

5. Event Reviews
Much needed reputation management will soon come to the event industry.  The services mentioned attendees the opportunity to write their opinion about an event they attended.

The purchasing decision making process is highly influenced by reviews, definitely increasingly important for our industry.

4. Smart Badges
This trend is not about the technology, which has been around for a while (i.e. NFC and RFID), but the application.  The companies in this section of the presentation are changing the way we use badges.  They will be made an active part of our event experience, rather than a waste of paper and materials.

3. Photo Booths
With popular services like Instagram, the opportunities of streamlining event photos and easily multiplying their presence all over the web, this is a major game changer for event management.

Photos are becoming an increasingly important piece of your event content strategy.  Make sure you know the importance of catering to your attendees for this trend.

2. Curation and Display
Event professionals are now in charge to display a curated feed of the user generated media developed during the event.

It is unacceptable to present fragmented a display of pictures, tweet streams, videos and blog posts, especially for a high-tech audience.  The platforms mentioned in this report are involving remote audiences and de-cluttering media, and doing a great job at it.

1. Sponsor Marketplaces
Event professionals sell an experience to their attendees., or at least the idea of an experience.  They are artists should not have to split their time with hunting for sponsors.  The services mentioned in this section recognize the value of putting together ideas that pack a punch.

We hope 10 Event Trends for 2013 gives you some powerful ideas and food for thought for your upcoming events in 2013.

Once again, thanks to Julius Solaris for creating 10 Event Trends for 2013We always appreciate value, and if there’s anything you’d like to see her, just give us a shout, on Facebook, or post your comment right here!


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