How to Keep the Interest Going after the Trade Show is Over

Keep Going After the Trade Show is OverYou don’t have to follow up on your trade shows face to face.  You can if you want to or if you have the desire to meet in person, but even if it’s virtually that you want to keep the communication going, you can increase the chances that your booth will be remembered.  And you can also start to create a buzz for your next trade show event.

Don’t worry about keeping the interest going.

In a recent Forbes article, Dr. Nick Morgan shared these valuable industry tips on keeping the engagement going.

1.  Social Media. Share, share share.  Not only can you share content on your facebook page, or in your blog, you can also share it on other social platforms, in blog comments and discussion forums, such as LinkedIn.  Create brief videos from the content also gives you a way to repurpose the content, see it from a different perspective, and put a face or a voice to your content.  Stay top of mind by reminding people about the trade show or event that just occurred, the more they will stay engaged with you and your brand.

2.  Crowdsourcing.  Use stats to see what the most popular presentations were at the event.  Share these top sessions in your newsletters and e-mail campaigns (Don’t try to be smarter than they are.  You can use viewer statistics to determine what were the most popular or most viewed presentations or parts of presentations.  Take a look at the response from your viewership to discover what your audience wants.  Then you can build your next events around that without the guesswork!

3.  Dialogue.  Post content to online forums, Facebook, and other social media platforms.  You don’t have to be the only one that create the conversation – let them carry it on for you.  Encourage trade show attendees to watch interesting sessions from the event with their colleasures and discuss them.  You will get your conversation on, and in front of a much larger audience.

4.  Free stuff.  Give and ye shall receive.  Give something back to reap the rewards of building a relationship.  If you have the technology to do so, promote sessions that have been recorded as on-demand webinars.  Requiring people to register to receive the free on-0m-demand session will enable you to have their name and permission to contact them about your next trade show.  As always, make sure that your approach to collect information is ‘opt-in’.

5.  Increase registration.  Use content from the previous year’s event as fodder for conversation about your upcoming event.  Make these select presentations available free and entice prospective event attendees to attend next time.  Link screen captures of the videos in blog posts, newsletters and email campaigns is a good way to visually generate interest when you’re talking about the event.

We are true believers in creating great multimedia content.  It’s great because it lives on for a long time after the event is over.  You don’t have to be everywhere – leave truly valuable breadcrumbs in your wake after a truly valuable event.  This can be priceless and can help you build relationships with really engaging content.

We’d love to hear your best practices for keeping the communication going.  Please post your comments here, or join us on Facebook and let’s continue the conversation!


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