February Custom Corner Spotlight: Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics

This month, we selected Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics as our custom corporate interiors display of note to appear as our monthly spotlight.

This spotlight contains both photographs and video of the gorgeous custom space for this growing company, our nearby neighbor in Wayne, NJ.

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“ExhibitCraft knew just what I needed in my new office space. I was excited to find out about their custom interior work at a recent trade show I attended at their headquarters. My Exhibit Consultant gave me excellent customer service and walked me through the process every step of the way. People give me high compliments on how professional and inspirational the space is. I highly recommend ExhibitCraft.” Brooke Artesi, Owner and Certified Orthotist and Prosthetist, Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Client: Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics specializes in creating custom prosthetic and orthotics devices for physically challenged adults and children, using the latest in technology.

Design Challenge:
Timing is everything. Brook was visiting ExhibitCraft to meet a friend and attend our promotional products tradeshow. After viewing ExhibitCraft’s brochure on branded corporate spaces, she knew this was a look she wanted when her new office would open in six months!  She fell in love with a sports training office design and wanted to create with this same professional look. The office should also provide a sense of inspiration for clients.

Design Solution:
During the initial design stages for Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics’ new office, we met with Brooke on numerous occasions, always a delight to share her infectious enthusiasm on her new venture. The meeting sessions involved discussions on office flow, her business plan and new logo design. We visited Brooke at her soon to be office space many times, discussing designs, color, room layouts, paints, flooring, etc. Our solutions gave her larger-then-life inspirational images of athletic prosthetic users as a focal point. We did this with custom wall paper, floor to ceiling, on a full wall in the lobby and each of her patient rooms. Each room (including the lobby) showed strong branding with the use of her logo colors on the floors and walls. The reception area shows the corporate logo in a three-dimension form, visually promoting her brand. This three dimensional design element gives a unique architectural element to the space. We also created a 5’ custom design element, which wraps the reception counter wall, part of the Sunshine logo. We successfully reinforced her brand presence in the lobby and all patient rooms, and the larger than life images on the wall capture everyone’s attention and will serve as a constant source of inspiration for patients for years to come.

Download the pdf:
Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics – Health Care Industry Case Study

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Optimize face to face interactions at your next tradeshow

face-to-face-social-interationTrade shows are still a tried and true area of investment for B2B marketers, according to the most recent MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Benchmark Report.  B2B marketers are showing that there is a need to invest in traditional tactics, as they continue to invest in website design, management and optimization, and e-mail marketing, digital tactics that survey respondents value highly.  Naturally, as we embrace digital, face-to-face interactions become that much more valuable.

Meeting someone face to face and shaking their hand and engaging in conversation cannot be met with a digital replacement.  The name of the game in trade show marketing and B2B marketing is all about building and nurturing relationships.

Optimize face to face interactions

You can learn a lot about your customers, prospects competitors at trade shows.  Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to have many face-to-face meetings in one location in a very short time.

We are in the business of optimizing your trade show exhibit environment so that you can have those conversations and meetings.  We understand that the challenge for staffing the booth and having a strategy for those face-to-face interactions is key.  Your trade show booth staff should have a strategy for managing future follow-up with conversations that happen in your trade show booth, especially since so many people who will be doing the following up won’t be the ones who spoke to the customer or prospect at the event.

Direct some of your trade show investment to a better means of ensuring the conversation continues after the event?  For example:

1.  QR codes are included now on most trade show name badges.  When scanned, these QR codes detail prospects’ names, titles and contact information.  Why not scan these codes with a smartphone or an iPad and populate the data into your CRM.  This eliminates data entry errors that inevitably happen when you scan business cards manually.

2.  Associate this contact information with a simple form that your sales professionals can access from a smartphone or an iPad.  Things you might include are

  • A few key motivations that relate to your solutions.
  • One or two qualifying questions, such as the size of the account
  • A short free-form text field the rep can use to write a note

Invest in allowing your tradeshow booth staff and sales professionals to work smarter using technology.

A small technology investment (relatively small) will help your sales and event professionals work smarter.  They’ll instantly capture your potential custom intention and why they might want to buy your product, and you then will be able to follow up with a very relevant conversation. Sales professionals can then subsequently focus on the issues that are most important to prospects, even if it’s a two weeks or a month after the trade show is over.

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Please Vote for us – 2013 Mod Awards

PBHS – Best 20×20 Modular

ExhibitCraft-vote-for-us-MOD-Awards-2013 Big news!

ExhibitCraft is up for 3 categories  for the 7th annual Mod Awards.  The goal of the MOD Awards is to expose exhibitors, trade show, and event professionals to the best in modular exhibit design.  The three categories we are up for are Best 20 x 30+ Modular, Best 20 x 20 Modular, and Best Lighting.

Please vote for us in these three categories and show your support.  It only takes a minute and it will help us get a chance to receive this prestigious accolade, to be presented in Las Vegas this March!

Be sure to vote by March 11, 2013, 2pm EST.

To read more about the prestigious Mod awards click here.

Thank you for supporting our work in this way!

PBHS – Best 20’x20′

COSCO – Best 20’x30’+


Vytran – Best Lighting


PBHS – Best 20’x30′


COSCO – Best 20’x30′


Vytran – Best Lighting

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Photos and Slidedecks from Facebook Marketing Event

For the first time, we set up the event presentation inside a 30’x30′ trade show exhibit.  The lighting for this event was the best of our shows so far, and our new sound system added the icing on the cake!

This is the third event we have hosted featuring our partner Constant Contact.  We truly are thankful to have such a wonderful space to host our events, a wonderful partner with engaging and valuable content, and a wonderful audience to appreciate the experience.

These event slides are from our recent facebook marketing event at ExhibitCraft.  They are also available for download on slideshare.

Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing from Exhibit Craft

Take Action and Engage on Facebook from Exhibit Craft

A photo slideshow from the facebook marketing event appears below. Video of the event is still in production, soon to follow.

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To see content from our previous “The Power of E-Mail Marketing” Event with our partner, Constant Contact, and Wendi Caplan-Carroll, see our previous blog post.

If you have comments or suggestions for an upcoming event, please post your comment here or join us on facebook.

We encourage you to sign up for our mailing list, to be the first to know about our upcoming events, promotions and the latest news from ExhibitCraft.  Enjoy!

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Be prepared: 8 winter storm apps for next time.

Flashlight-App-ExhibitCraft-Stay-PreparedThis past weekend, we experienced a major snowstorm in the North East.  Coming right on the heels of Hurricane Sandy only a couple of months ago, we are always trying to stay prepared and on top of things in the trade show and event industries.

Severe weather has never been the same since the ubiquitous mobile device.  We are no longer isolated, but we have photos in real time and constantly are updated on social networks.

After this Friday’s sever winter weather, here are some helpful apps add to your collection. Follow real-time weather, get your own first person reports from the ground, and stay cozy with a really cool fireplace app.

Because power outages can occur during a blizzard, if you only have one mobile device keep that app use to a minimum.  Original post by CNN.

Here are just a handful of the noteable apps of mention in this report are:


WeatherMob is a free iPhone app that mixes the social with the snow. Put on your amateur meteorologist hat and file a weather report. The app also has also a basic weather forecast and Twitter and Facebook integration.

Winter Survival Kit

If you have to travel at all during severe weather, install the practical and helpful Winter Survival Kit app on your phone before you hit the road. It does things you can probably already handle from your phone, such as call 911, tell you where you are and send notifications to family and friends

Flashlight apps

There are no shortage of flashlight apps in the Android and iOS app stores that use the LED flash on your camera or the screen itself. iPhone users should check out the free Flashlight by Rik app, which lets you control the intensity of the light, turn on a strobe or send out SOS signals.


We love this one.  How about snuggling up next a cracking fire.  If you don’t have a fireplace in your house or apartment, try this chillier but still soothing alternative, the $.99 FirePlace app for the iPhone and iPad, which simulates a roaring fire on your screen.

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What do Trade Show Attendees Really Want?

Attendees-at-a-Trade-ShowIn their latest Exhibition Industry Research report, ‘What Attendees Want from Trade Exhibitions,” CEIR aims to provide valuable up-to-date insights into what attendees are looking to achieve when they visit business-to-business exhibitions.

Key findings include:

• The top-ranked reasons for attending tradeshows is a blend of coming to see what is new and having a chance to interact with experts. Seeing new technology, having the chance to talk to experts and gaining industry insights achieved the highest-importance scores.

• Tradeshows are doing well in meeting the attendee needs, with more than a majority of attendees saying their top-ranked important needs are met. Additionally, there are areas of opportunity for exhibitors and organizers to further ramp exhibition value in meeting shopping needs as they relate to current problems as well as purchase decisions.

• Nearly the same percentages of attendees come to shop (69 percent) or learn (66 percent).  Many attendees have dual agendas when they visit exhibitions, looking to serve both organizational and personal needs.

The study was conducted by Jeff Tanner, Ph.D., professor of marketing at Baylor University, and Nancy Drapeau, PRC, research director of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) using a panel of exhibition attendees provided by ResearchNow. The study was made possible by a grant from the CEIR Foundation and is available at http://www.ceir.org.

CEIR aims to advance the growth, awareness and value of exhibitions and other face-to-face marketing events by producing and delivering knowledge-based research tools that enable stakeholder organizations to enhance their ability to meet current and emerging customer needs, improve their business performance and strengthen their competitive position.

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Essex County Courthouse Custom Wallpaper Install

Essex-County-Courthouse-New-JerseyThese images are from the custom wallpaper install at the Essex County Courthouse.


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